Assignment for Digital Tools (Art 104)
Portland State University, Spring 2019
Presented as part of Portland State University’s CORE 2019 exhibition

This assignment is inspired by Cameron Askin's "Cameron's World" (2009), a nostalgic website that aggregates images from early 00's DIY website culture. For this assignment, students were asked to consider the ways they navigate the internet and create a website that reflects experiences from their youth.

Download the assignment sheet here.


Website by Ailis Coffey ( — Winter 2020

Website by Ben Dane ( — Spring 2019

Website by Maddie Blackham ( — Fall 2019

Website by Maya Sutriasa ( — Spring 2019

Website by Jobe Ingram ( — Spring 2019

Website by Julian Chiou ( — Fall 2019

Website by Jonny LaRoche ( — Spring 2019

Website by Jacob Mauk ( — Fall 2019

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