Play the LA River

Unbound Guidebook/game and year-long series of events
Presented on the 51 miles of the LA River in Los Angeles, CA
Collaboration with other core members of Project 51
Supported by ArtPlace America

About the Project
Play the LA River is an invitation to our fellow Angelenos to explore, enjoy, reclaim and reimagine the LA River as a civic space. Currently, LA County and the Army Corps of Engineers are dumping BILLIONS of dollars into the river's revitalization. Shouldn't we as citizens have a say in how our city develops? Play is a radical act that empowers us overcome the historic, bureaucratic, privatized, and infrastructural barriers that come between us and claiming public spaces as truly public.
Card Deck
A playable walk/bike/ride guide to the entire 51-mile LA River. Each card includes a map, some info about the site & a few starter ideas for how to play. Click here to access the full deck.

Play the LA River facilitates 51 weeks of community-generated river events, inspiring others to organize their own river happenings & have a voice in the river’s future! Check out the website for community events, #playthelariver posts, & river info.

Video credit: Thea Mercouffer
Images of the riverbed credit: © 2014 Jeff Houze