Open Call

An art reality game show
Presented Surplus Space in Portland, OR
Collaboration with Roz Crews

About the Project
Open Call is a competition for visual artists that parodies the form of a sports tryout, a juried application process, and a reality game show. After a public call for applications, five artists were selected to compete in a series of challenges that tested their intellect, cre

ativity, and professional skill in front of a live audience. I acted as game show host and narrator and at the end of all four rounds of challenges Megan Harned, visual art critic at Willamette Week, chose Sarah Wolf Newlands as the winner. Sara was awarded a solo show at composition.
Four rounds of challenges
1.) Create 3 works of art (15 min)
2.) Write an 100 word artist statement (5 min)
3.) Document the work and post it online (5 min)
4.) Give a formal artist talk using the images posted online (3 min each)

Nina Berry, Spencer Byrne-Seres, JAH Justice, Eric John Olson and Sam Wildman, and Sarah Wolf Newlands.

Open Call was sponsored by composition and presented in Over & Back, an exhibition curated by Ryan Woodring with guest curator Roz Crews. Image Credit: Tim Roth, Video Credit: Gabe Flores