The Living School of Art
2016-Present (2020)
Long-term collaboration with my neighbors in our apartment complex
East Portland, OR

I am the Founder and Director of The Living School of Art, an artist collective and living art project co-led by neighbors in our 120-unit affordable apartment complex in East Portland, OR. Founded in 2016, the project centers around our life as neighbors and the creative practices we share with one another.

The Living School of Art is led by the interests of our community and develops through a collective art practice that honors our cultures, families, ancestral traditions and life experiences. As neighbors, we are both students and teachers in this project we shape together. The art we live and share includes maintenance, cooking, domestic crafts, dancing, gardening, storytelling and artmaking. The program includes rotating exhibitions in 8 laundry rooms, an artist residency program, visiting artist workshops, a collectively-led women’s art group, a youth art program and a community garden.

To learn more, please visit The Living School of Art website or Instagram page.

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