An American Symbol 

Assignment from SPACE (Art 103)
Portland State University, Spring 2019

What is the purpose of a flag? What does an American flag symbolize? How is a flag used? What values, cultures or situations do we associate with the American Flag?

In this assignment, students were asked to redesign the American Flag in order reflect  American History, America’s Present, or America’s Future. Every form and color carries an inherent history, meaning and context. Students were encouraged to consider how context will inform the way each flag is read.

The student artists are: Caitlin Do, Andrea Hernandez, Jonathan LaRoche, Ben McEntee, Meghan McIntosh, Emma Niggley, Camryn Perry, Olivia Shapley, Denyse Stawicki, Connor Tagliaferri, Amy Tan, Haley Watts, and Marc Weston.

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