Banners on Reslience

as part of The Living School of Art
Exhibited at The Living School of Art and at Nationale in Portland, OR

In the early days of the Covid-19 shutdown, I asked youth in my apartment complex what public messages our community needed. This led to us collaboratively designing banners to cultivate resilience within ourselves and our community. To create this work, we studied flags, political banners and posters from throughout history and around the world, and we considered the meaning that abstract symbols communicate through color, text, and form. Six young neighbors made designs on paper, which I then fabricated using banner fabric. These banners hung on balconies in our apartment complex during the summer of 2020.

1.) "Mantenerte Fuerte!" by Erick
2.) "Hi, How R U?" by Fiori
3.) "Flare Butterfly" by Helai
4.) "Life is the Onle Thing You Need" by Maryam
5.) "Staslandia" by Stas
6.) "Enjoy The World" by Vlada

Installation at Nationale in Portland, OR