Body Autonomy Self-Portrait (in two parts)

Assignment for Digital Tools (Art 104)
Portland State University, Winter 2020 - Spring 2021

Part 1  
Students worked in small groups to take portraits of each other. The photographer was directed by the person who was the subject of the photo. The series of portraits are meant to assert an individual’s autonomy and power, and express intention in how they would like to be represented. The project explores the relationship between the voyer, the author, and the subject.

Part 2 (pandemic version)
During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to gather. We are simultaneously more connected and isolated than ever before. In response to the growing promenence of domestic life during the pandemic, students were tasked with creating self portraits in their home environment that represented their relationship to that place.

by Gigi Woolery

by  Kapua Jinbo

by Sriyani Gunarathne

by Ma'Dayza Miller

by Sydney Frank

by Zoe Whiteman

by Isabella de la Jara

by Anna Kienberger

by Frances Lefebvre

by Agusto Peig