Scores for a Fountainhead

Assignment from SPACE (Art 103)
Portland State University, Spring 2019

In this assignment, students were asked to work in pairs to create a research-based performance artwork in response to the Halprin fountains. As a class, we visited several sites on campus and voted which to choose a research site. In pairs, students wrote scores in response to that research site and developed a research-based response to the site. These response-based artworks were at the site on the last day of class.

Methods of generating research-based artwork included: a walking map of the topography, sketching, sculpting clay, writing a poem, surveying the site-use, taking texture impressions, writing scores, sound field recordings, video, replicate, arrange natural, curate objects, tiny model, mold, paint, yelp review, view in a microscope, and a walking/dancing score.