8-hour live stream on Oct 14, 2016 as part of National Clay Week

Organized and co-hosted with Henry Crissman as part of the Socially Engaged Craft Collective

The Socially Engaged Craft Collective was invited to guest hosts of National Clay Week. We co-organized an 8-hour YouTube marathon of live conversations, weird activities, impromptu critiques, and other surprises. Watch the live stream for critical discourse and an all around good ceramic time.

Contributors in order of appearance: Henry Crissman, Mary Baumstark, Amanda Leigh Evans, Shannon Waldman, Stephen Creech (National Clay Week), Nicole Gugliotti, Jeni Hansen-Gard, Forrest Sincoff Gard, Cheyenne Rudolph, Jasmine Baetz, Roz Crews, Spencer Byrne-Sears, Suzanne Crews, Pat Crews

Call-in Audience Members: Adriane Dalton, Anonymous Texter, George Orr