Social Objects
Book published by the Socially Engaged Craft Collective

Co-Edited by Amanda Leigh Evans and Mary Callahan Baumstark
Designed by Amanda Leigh Evans

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What power do objects carry in our lives? How do they influence our everyday experiences, create connection or encourage resistance? Throughout the trajectory of human history, we have used objects to contain meaning and to build relationships. In Social Objects, members of the Socially Engaged Craft Collective and guest contributors investigate Socially Engaged Craft practice through essays, interviews, project descriptions, and calls to action. The projects represented in the publication and accompanying exhibition engage the fundamental relational qualities of objects to build active, social experiences.

Essays and Thoughts: Henry James Haver Crissman, Mary Callahan Baumstark, Amanda Leigh Evans, Jeni Hansen Gard, Shannon Hebert Waldman, Forrest Sincoff Gard, nicole gugliotti, Namita Gupta Wiggers, Holly Hanessian, Lauren Karle, Elizabeth Kozlowski, Anna Metcalfe, Cheyenne Rudolph, Nicole Seisler, Michael J. Strand, Juliette Walker, Summer Zickefoose Workbook: Alex Amerri, Mariana Baquero, The Brick Factory, Rebecca Chernow, Keeryong Choi, Roz Crews, Jamie Crooke Powell, Jen DePaolo, Monica Dixon, Brian Gillis, Gregory Hatch, Ayumi Horie & Nick Moen, Max Infeld, Joshua Kosker, Kari Marboe, Mac McCusker & Project Canary, Lauren Moran, Hannah Newman, Salty (Xi Jie Ng), Rosa Novak, Iviva Olenick, Lauren Sandler, Robin Tieu & Art + Feminism, Brian Widmaier