Soft Pixels

Newspaper exhibition from Digital Tools (Art 104)
Portland State University, Spring 2021

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Digital Tools (ART 104) examines how contemporary artists are using digital media to create their artwork. The focus of this course is digital media as a creative tool for artists and designers. Students will learn to create and assemble digital material, to manipulate and edit digital materials and to share those materials online and through print. This course involves lectures, readings, field trips, demonstrations and hands-on exercises that help students make connections to their own pocket technologies, their laptops, social media, printing and other resources. Digital Tools is part of the foundations CORE art program at Portland State University's School of Art + Design.

Student Artists
Anna Kienberger, Ashley Hood, Benen Falkner, Claire Smith, Cole Lyons, Connor McCleary, Ella Delaney, Jadan Edmunds, Justin Hewitt, Kristen Poore, Logan Demarais, Ma’Dayza Miller, Makayla Aldrich, Mohabbat Mansouri, Nino Semenak, Reina Schmidt, Richard Bousquet, Travis D’Amico

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Other assignments can be found here.

Memory Palaces
Activity inspired by visiting artist Laura Camila Medina’s practice

Glitch Art GIFs

Emoji Self-Portraits